Holy CaCa!! It’s April already?!!

Lea here, just a quick update. I’m going through a bit of an overhaul right now. I just took the leap and went with a Genesis system on the little blog to try and get it looking a little neater. This means one thing, a new thing to learn. I have no idea how the [...]

What we’re doing this Spring!

Mr. C’s birthday is coming up this spring so guess were I’ve decided we’re going??   VEGAS!!!!   It’s be a first for me and we weren’t able to stop on our way home from California. We were dragging that trailer and didn’t want to park it in the city. It was bad enough in [...]

I’m Ready to Tell This Story Now…

This has taken me some time to come to terms with but I think I’m ready to tell this story now. Something occurred the end of October that really took me for a loop. A stranger called. She said she had really hard news for me, I better sit down. One, my mother died….fifteen days [...]

Surviving 2013

2013 is over and I’m cleaning up the mess it left behind. I’m doing an overhaul of the blog right now so hang with me. I have plenty to write and about to have plenty of time to do just that. Stayed tuned. I miss all my bloggy friends, I’ll see you soon.

Cleaning out the shell


It’s been three days of cleaning out the shell of my mother’s home. It’s an endless pit of old paperwork and things from the past. Determinations of what is important from her past, and mine, and what truly doesn’t matter. It’s a heartwrenching process of going through all of these things that I would have [...]

How To Turn Childcare Into Extra Income

As the cost of living rises and wages remain frozen, seeking a supplementary source of income is fast becoming a reality for many struggling householders. Whether it’s pet walking or personal tutoring, baking or blogging, chances are you have a skill you can turn into trade. While the sky might seem like the limit for [...]

Finding A Life Care Facility For My Wife’s Mother

My wife worries about her mother’s health – and for good reason. Her mother lives alone (a widower these past nine years), and she often has trouble with ambulation. Getting around the house can be a real chore. And, it’s the same two-story house my wife and her brother grew up in. Honestly, I’m not [...]


Loss. It’s a word that can describe so many things. Right now, it just describes another batch of words; confusion, frustration, anger, shock, sadness – an endless list of overwhelming emotions all wrapped up into a very messy package. I received a phone call that I knew was coming eventually, my mom died. I didn’t [...]

Dear Shh!! Momma’s Writing!

Dear Shh!! Momma’s Writing!, Thank you so much for finding me. Your very existence has helped me in so many ways. It has allowed me to pour everything out. It has never argued with me. It has done nothing but be the best listener. Your existence has introduced me to so many things that I [...]

Halloween Food Safety Tips

Halloween and food just seem to go hand in hand. The holiday brings trick or treating, bobbing for apples, festive and fun food at Halloween parties and a host of other treats. However, Halloween food can also pose some health dangers, if parents–and kids–aren’t careful. Even though the temperatures are cooling down in most parts [...]

When They Come Back

They all move out eventually. So…what happens when they come back? Three years ago, my oldest moved out. She packed her things and with all the piss and vinegar she could muster, she moved on from the comforts of her family home. It was a serious learning moment for both of us. Me, I had [...]

Get a Free Month of Redbox Instant!


I just joined Redbox instant out of curiosity. I have a Roku and absolutely love that little device, so I was pretty excited to see another program that would stream to it. New members can try Redbox Instant free for a month. With the subscription, members receive four rentals from the Redbox kiosk and additional [...]