Dear Kashi,

breakfastI love your products. I really do. And I’m going to stop right here and let my readers know, no, this is not a paid advertisement, this is the real deal. This line of products did something for my son that had never been done before, it calmed him down. Let me explain. My oldest son has always been the kid jumping off the furniture and always on the run all……..long. It wasn’t a problem until he entered Kindergarten. I know what you’re thinking, ADHD, put him on medication. Nope, his pediatrician screened him and agreed that he just needed an extra year, he was younger than most of the kids. I did notice that he was worse when eating certain foods, mainly junk. So I did a little research. This was in 2004. After a little googling, I found a father of a boy who told a similar story. You know what, he didn’t medicate either. He removed excess sugars, nitrates and as many artificial contaminants as possible from his diet. So that’s what I tried to do. I became an avid box reader.

Then the organics started hitting my area. I really didn’t have access to anything before that tiny section popped into the grocery store unless I shopped online. That was a pain. But these new products were so expensive, and tiny. I ordered what I could and made most things from scratch. Cereal was a real problem. He could eat plain oatmeal with honey. He could have shredded wheat, hated it. I could cook him eggs and toast day after day, but wait, I work too. Ugh!!

And then came along Kashi, read the box, it’s beautiful. I know everything on there. The cereal looks like real food, it’s not neon green or fuchsia. And the kid loves it. They sweeten their cereals, bars and ever-expanding menu with natural sweeteners. He calmed down, he doesn’t have to pass on the sugared cereal anymore. He hugs the boxes, no really, hugs them. I would take a picture but he’s fourteen now, I’ll never get the opportunity. He guards his Kashi from the other two kids like he just received a chocolate mountain of candy bars. Which presented a new problem, they all want it. Luckily, this line I love frequently goes on sale. It’s pricier but worth the money. I have a kid who can eat a breakfast he enjoys, concentrate in school and sit still for a few hours.

And here you have it, Dear Kashi, we love you!!


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    Oh, we love Kashi products, too! I’m fascinated to learn how they helped your son- just goes to show you how damaging so many things in our food really are!

    Thanks for joining us for Let’s get Social Sunday!

    Love, Joy

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