I Guess Mom Still Needs to Shut Up

woman silenced photoI’m just disturbed, sickened really. Does Mom still need to shut up? Do our opinions still have no effect on anything in the real world? You want to know why I write? I write because I always did. I started in journalism from high school into college. I switched when my professor informed us that we should look forward to writing what can only be classified as sensationalism (yellow journalism). I could only succeed if I were willing to tear someone apart to get ratings. This was in ‘88. I switched to English/Communications and Pre-Law. I still write.

Now you’re saying, why do I care? I’m saying this because I just read a post written by Katherine Stone. She wrote in response to an article written by Katherine Rosman entitled, “The Mommy Business Trip” which tore Blogger Conferences apart. This lady reporter went to the Mom 2.0 Summit and got snippets of what she needed to make moms everywhere look silly. She describes the event as a cushy time away from the everyday dredges of motherhood. Where mommy bloggers can get away to take yoga and get the chance to find out how they can keep their kids off of Instagram. Oh yeah, don’t forget all the partying and wine pouring that goes on. Party on girls!! You all know that’s why you spent all that money to sit in those seminars, it was so you could booze it up and party with your online friends because you are too cloistered in your own homes with children chewing at your ankles to live any kind of real life and meet friends at home.

The fact that she made Katherine Stone feel that she needed to apologize is even worse! Any blogger out there that puts money in their craft doesn’t do that to party, they do that to make them better writers. They do that to catch up with the media laden world that slammed in. Do we meet other bloggers? Of course we do. Do we spend our off hours with them? Of course we do. You know what? I’m also a banker. When I go to training, I spend time with other….wait for it….bankers in my off time for lunch. You know why? We get each other. We know what we’re talking about. I had to travel for my past jobs as well (they weren’t blogging jobs either) and not only did they pay for lunch, they paid for dinner too. Gasp!! And, I didn’t have to take my three kids with me. In fact, that wasn’t discouraged, it was just not allowed.

So what’s your point Katherine Rosman? Maybe you just need to figure out what you want to do with your life and do it. Quit being miserable and get your kicks spreading the misery. If you want to be a mommy blogger, have at it. Have kids, deal with postpartum, deal with after baby belly, breastfeed, change diapers, potty train, deal with bad grades, deal with separation anxiety, deal with kids, pre-teens, teens, young adults and them leaving the nest. Then come back and tell us “mommy bloggers” that we aren’t important. Tell us that raising responsible people that will rule OUR futures don’t matter…then, not now. And if you did all that and you’re still writing that article, you must be the most perfect mother EVER! Rock on girl!! But you still have to explain how we aren’t brand influencers. I could have sworn I was the one doing the majority of the shopping. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only “mommy” that’s doing just that.

And dear readers, yes, this is a rant. Click the hyperlinks in the names and you can see what I’m talking about. I’m going to go deep breathe for awhile.


PS: No, this is not my best writing but I’m not changing it. My software hates it. But I’m good.



Amended 4/29/2013: Just realized the WSJ link will only come up with a subscription, here is the link that will take you to the article.

The Mommy Business Trip


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    You GO GIRL! What a great post. I chuckled when I saw two Katherine's were at the core of this! Hope none are redheads!

    Points well taken. When I go to lunch, I often go with Hardware Techs, because… ta daaaa! I'm a hardware tech!!!

    And you know what? You show me one single conference where after a day of learning, sharing and taking notes, the people don't party a bit!

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