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Civil Air Patrol corporate seal. Use is regula...

Civil Air Patrol corporate seal. Use is regulated by 36 U.S.C. Section 40306. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jake has been waiting for his twelfth birthday all year. He’s on a mission and I just didn’t realize how strong that idea was until this week. He wanted to join Civil Air Patrol. The Civil Air Patrol is a group of cadets and members trained and used for search and rescue missions. It is sponsored by the US Air Force and opens for kids at the age of twelve. The program begins with an invitationĀ to sit in on meetings for three weeks so they can get an idea of what the program is about before signing up. Jake went to his first meeting on Monday. They took him through with them on their regular meeting showing him what physical training is like, gave him a run down of the education they are expected to learn and how to move up the ranks. Within two hours he asked, “Where do I sign up?” And they offered him a place right then and there.


I have a VERY excited boy!! He did it all on his own. I refused to follow him around because I didn’t want him to be the one with Mom hovering over him every step of the way. I just dropped him off and picked him up. Good job Jake!!





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